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Why can solar LED street lights illuminate on consecutive rainy days 2022-06-30

Some people will ask, encounter continuous cloudy and rainy days or haze weather, solar LED street light solar panels can operate normally.

Solar panels generate electricity on sunny days and store excess energy in batteries that are large enough to keep the solar LED street lights lit on consecutive rainy days.

The rainy weather of the solar LED street lamp design is not less than three days. In the southern areas with more rainy days and foggy days, the rainy weather time of the solar LED street lamp can be increased to 5 days. Solar street lights choose a low wattage cap, so as to reduce the consumption of electricity, coupled with a large capacity of the battery can be achieved.

1. Adopt international leading professional chip packaging technology;

2. Using secondary optical non-imaging technology, the whole lighting effect can reach more than 85%;

3. The voltage stabilizer and constant current driver with wide AC voltage input can be connected to the original street lamp for direct replacement;

LED street light has the characteristics of environmental protection, no pollution, less power consumption, high light efficiency, long life and special, therefore, LED street light will become the best choice for energy saving transformation why solar LED street light can illuminate in continuous cloudy and rainy days? It is because our street lamps have storage and self-charging functions

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