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LED display four advantages
LED display as the main force in the field of security monitoring and display, the market development directly affects the direction of the security industry. Outdoor LED is an incomparable advantage in the development of intelligent transportation in the LED industry. It is an important development direction in the LED field. With the unprecedented prosperity of LED technology, LED display products have attracted much attention, and are widely used in commercial advertising, live broadcast, traffic guidance, stage interpretation and other fields.
LED display four advantages
In the outdoor advertising market, LED big-screen advertising has become an important part of outdoor advertising communication because of its strong relevance to the target consumer groups, strong visual impact, strong advertising updates, low cost per thousand, and high audience coverage. media.
Compared with the LCD brush screen, the advantages of the LED display are mainly reflected in the following points:
1, the area is malleable, the LCD area is large, it is difficult to achieve seamless splicing, the LED display can be arbitrarily extended, and seamless splicing.
2, LCD plasma screen luminous flux attenuation is very fast, generally run about a year and a half or so, you need to replace, but the LED display under the same operating conditions for at least five years no problem.
3, LED brush screen machine can use interactive technology to enhance the interaction between the screen and the advertising audience, such as custom touch screen, cloud technology broadcast control management.
4. In terms of display effect, the high brightness of the LED display screen, the wide viewing angle and the good color reproduction ability are also superior to the LCD screen. LED brush screen machines are generally used in airports, shopping malls, hotels, high-speed rail, subway, cinema, exhibitions, office buildings, etc., target customers have strong spending power and have huge advertising value.
LED display purchase reference
LED production process requirements are very high, not all companies have the corresponding strength, resulting in the quality of LED display on the market. The optical system design of LED luminaires is very precise. The size of LED tubes and concentrating cups are very small. The relative position of the two LEDs is relatively high. With small deviations, there will be a big gap between the position of the light reaching the stage. In order to meet the design requirements, the manufacturers with strict process requirements will screen the consistency of a large number of LED tubes. Considering the gap between the thickness of the LED tubes on the circuit board, the manufacturer will adopt an automated laser welding process.
In addition, the heat dissipation problem directly affects the luminous efficiency of the LED. At present, the high-quality LED display solves the heat dissipation problem from the design and the process, and can have a life of more than 30,000 hours, but the LED display with poor design or process may only have a life of several thousand hours or even shorter.
Professional development, design, strict production management, enterprise selection from components and materials, from advanced automated operation machinery to strict quality control of production process (including aging treatment of intermediate parts), each link affects LED display The quality of the screen.
So how do you tell the difference between LED screens? The following points hope to bring you some inspiration.
1. Flatness The surface flatness of the LED display should be within ¡À1mm to ensure that the displayed image is not distorted. Local bumps or recesses may cause the viewing angle of the display to appear dead angle. The quality of the flatness is mainly determined by the production process.
2. Brightness and viewing angle The brightness of the indoor full color screen should be above 800cd/m2, and the brightness of the outdoor full color screen should be above 1500cd/m2 to ensure the normal operation of the display. Otherwise, the brightness will be too low to see clearly. The image displayed. The brightness is mainly determined by the quality of the LED die.
The size of the viewing angle directly determines the number of display audiences, so the bigger the better. The size of the viewing angle is primarily determined by the way the die is packaged.
3. White balance effect White balance effect is one of the most important indicators of the display. In color theory, when the ratio of the three primary colors of red, green and blue is 1:4.6:0.16, pure white will be displayed. If there is a slight deviation in the actual ratio, the deviation of white balance will occur. Generally, it should be noted whether white is blue or yellow. Green phenomenon. The quality of the white balance is mainly determined by the control system of the display, and the die also has an effect on the color reproduction.
4. The reductive color reproduction of the color refers to the reproduction of the color of the display screen. The color displayed on the display screen should be highly consistent with the color of the source, so as to ensure the realism of the image.
5. Whether there is mosaic or dead point Mosaic refers to the always-on or often black small four-squares appearing on the display screen. The module is necrotic. The main reason is that the quality of the connector used in the display is not good.
The dead point refers to a single point that is always bright or often black on the LED display. The number of dead points is mainly determined by the quality of the die.
6. There is no color block color block refers to the existence of more obvious color difference between adjacent modules, the color transition is in units of modules, causing the color block phenomenon is mainly caused by poor control system, gray level is not high, scanning Caused by lower frequency.
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