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9 advantages of LED display, you know?
LED display is no stranger to everyone, walking on the street, you will see the LED display to play a beautiful picture, the beauty of the effect is also known to everyone, then, everyone fully understand the advantages of LED display? Now the joint building optoelectronics Xiaobian for you to introduce in detail.
1. Safety: The LED display is different from the low voltage DC supply voltage, which is very safe in use.
2. Hardness: The LED display adopts FPC as the substrate, and the hardness of the screen is appropriate.
3, high life: LED display in the same working environment and duration, compared to other outdoor advertising, its life is much higher
4, energy saving: Compared with the traditional LED display, the energy saving of the LED display is very good, the power is low and the effect is more significant. For all large LED display manufacturers, this is also the first element.
5, easy to install: Due to the material and structure of the LED display itself, it has light and convenient features, which provides very convenient conditions for installation.
6, the color is realistic: LED display with high-brightness patch, the color is realistic and soft, will not cause harm to the human eye, the brightness is also high.
7. Green and environmental protection: The material is made of environmentally-friendly materials, which can be recycled and reused without polluting the environment.
8, the heat is small: the biggest safety hazard of the LED display is that when it is working continuously for a long time, the high heat generated will reduce the service life of the equipment, and even a serious fire will occur. LED display has a lot of work on heat dissipation. Efficient heat treatment and its own electronic components are low-power consumption, and the heat will not be too high, which naturally eliminates the occurrence of such hidden dangers.
9, a wide range of applications: LED display because of its light weight, excellent quality and effect, and the price of led display is also moderate, often used in various fields and a variety of industries, in the future more refined, its coverage will be even more widely!
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