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4 common LED display repair methods Which one did you learn?
The problem with the led display is also ever-changing, so it is not good to specifically explain which problem to explain in detail, then we will talk about the detection method and maintenance basic steps of the full-color led display repair. If you can master this, I want to see the situation at the critical moment. You can check the reasons from these points and solve the problem.
Led display repair detection methods are, short circuit detection method, resistance detection method, voltage detection method, pressure drop detection method, then we specifically talk about these methods.
(1) Short circuit detection method
Adjust the multimeter to the short-circuit detection block (generally with an alarm function, such as a beep when it is turned on), to detect whether there is a short circuit phenomenon, and immediately after the short circuit is found, the short circuit phenomenon is also the most common LED display module failure. Some can be found by observing the IC pin and the pin header. Short-circuit detection should be performed in the event of a power failure to avoid damaging the multimeter. This method is the most commonly used method, simple and efficient. 90% of the faults can be detected by this method.
(2) Resistance detection method
Adjust the multimeter to the resistance file, check the resistance value of a certain point on a normal circuit board, and then test whether the same point of the same circuit board is different from the normal resistance value. If it is different, it is determined. The scope of the problem.
(3) Voltage detection method
Adjust the multimeter to the voltage file to detect the ground voltage at a certain point of the circuit suspected of having a problem, and compare whether it is similar to the normal value. It is convenient to determine the range of the problem.
(4) Pressure drop detection method
Turn the multimeter to the diode drop detection file, because all ICs are composed of a large number of basic unit parts, but they are miniaturized, so when there is current on one of its pins, it will exist on the pin. Voltage drop. Generally, the voltage drop on the same pin of the IC of the same model is similar. According to the voltage drop value on the pin, it is necessary to operate under the condition that the circuit is powered off.
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