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Outdoor LED display water treatment method
2018 is a rainy year. There are different rainfalls all over the country, especially in the Central Plains. The typhoons in coastal cities have also entered a period of high incidence, and there has been continuous rainstorms. Many cities are already watching the sea. The rainy season is coming, what should I do if the outdoor led display enters the water? In response to the uninterrupted occurrence of such phenomena, Xiaobian explains the treatment methods for LED display prevention and water intake:
First, it is a preventive work. When the outdoor full-color display is installed and sealed, it must be fine to avoid the phenomenon of water ingress.
Second, in heavy rain or heavy rain, the led display should be turned off and suspended.
3. After the rain stops, check the back of the screen to see if there is water leakage. If water is in, do not use electricity to open the screen. Use the fan or other tools to blow the LED display screen of the water completely at the fastest speed.
Fourth, the screen body will be fully burned and aging, the specific steps are as follows:
(1) Adjust the brightness (all white) to 10%, and electrify to age for 8-12 hours.
(2) Adjust the brightness (all white) to 30% and aging for 12 hours.
(3) Adjust the brightness (all white) to 60%, and electrify and aging for 12-24 hours.
(4) Adjust the brightness (all white) to 80%, and electrify and aging for 12-24 hours.
(5) Adjust the brightness (all white) to 100%, and aging for 8-12 hours.
After the above steps, the problem of water leakage in the screen is basically solved. Check whether the LED display module, power supply, control card and related connecting cables have problems and hidden dangers. If there is immediate replacement or repair, the screen will be leaked. , repair or repair, so as not to cause a similar situation next time.
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