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LED light source lighting market has not "bright"

Today, the state has stepped up the promotion of awareness of green energy efforts, some homes in Jining city market, recently launched a number of LED lamps and other new light fixtures. However, due to price higher than the ordinary incandescent lamp, energy saving lamps and other lighting a traditional lamp twice as far from lost sales of the latter, according to Reporters investigation, LED sales of new light fixtures all sales of less than two percent.

Market>> a similar style, LED light source to be twice as expensive one

8 am, the reporter went to the north of Jining City, a large home square, lighting sales in the area, dozens of lighting next to a store one. Reporters see here, in addition to traditional incandescent and energy-saving lamps in addition, many shops have begun to push the main light source LED lighting.

"The LED light chandelier with a dozen beads, each only 1 watt, ten-watt lamp beads was more than a dozen very power." Lighting in a store, the shop owners told reporters that Ms. Niu, LED light source Lighting should be a future trend, they also got a lot of chandeliers, mainly for high-end customers, because now the cost is too high, the price of these LED light source lamp used to be higher than ordinary incandescent bulbs hanging lights 1-2 times .

Ms. Niu told reporters, similar to the appearance of the chandelier, the price of ordinary incandescent bulbs used mostly in a few hundred dollars, while the use of LED light chandelier is easily a thousand, a few thousand dollars, come to buy the latter, mostly of young fashion groups. From the use of point of view, the traditional incandescent or energy-saving lamp light seems softer look, while the LED light source products are some glare.

"From the sales point of view, because the price is too high, LED light chandelier sales sales accounting for less than two as the FA, the majority still favor the traditional family is generally light chandelier." Another lighting store manager Lee told reporters , although in terms of style and life, LED light source does have some new advantages, but the price is too high, compared with people still value for money.

Consumer>> select lighting, pay more attention to style and quality

This large home in the Plaza, the reporter interviewed a number of people come to visit lighting market. Many people said that home decoration lighting choice for living room or restaurant, especially the chandeliers, the best value and quality or style, as the choice of light source is not very valued.

The people Ms. Chen told reporters that she plans to buy for the living room and dining room chandeliers, repeated comparison, she intends to choose a traditional light chandelier. "The price is cheaper, and more moderate light." Ms. Chen that, while chandeliers use a number of incandescent bulbs would be more cost electricity, but the chandeliers like this at home, it is much larger than the decorative lighting function, usually all open very little time, so at time of purchase, consider the power factor is not large.

"Price too high, but still feel that the original energy-saving lamps look more comfortable." Mr Li said that now after buying the house re-decoration, and his money is not much, is able to save a little bit to see the current lighting style is very big fashion, beauty, as the daily consumption is not very much, or more attention to lighting the price. "I feel a chandelier would have two or three thousand, a little too expensive, the price for ordinary lighting, then set the house lights are enough." Lee says.

"An incandescent bulb only a couple of dollars, and a LED lamp beads have more than 10 yuan of money, even if the LED bulbs are more expensive." Zhao consumers that are now home decoration light fitting, re-decoration, choose the general lighting are to select multiple lamp modeling lamp, and these are used if the LED bulb lamp, clear brightness is too large, too expensive, compared to incandescent or willing to choose.

Prospects>> into the home, the key is the price and close to

"At present, the LED lighting market is moving in a new light transition, but in the popularity of home users would take some time." Yutai production of LED lamps Huatai Lighting Vice President Lee told reporters that the development of the lamp light source, the development of energy-saving lamp to the incandescent, LED light source towards the development now. However, upstream of the core technology is still in Japan and South Korea and some other advanced master's hands, resulting in the cost of LED light fixtures are the constraints, the market has not fully opened.
Lee told reporters, LED light fixtures still in the early stages of market development, such as their company, the products produced mostly for mining, and home users market has not fully opened. The majority of small businesses is still limited to the downstream processing operations, the procurement to the plastic cover, semiconductor and chip assembly, and processing of such a bulb cost up to tens of dollars, sold on the market should close on a hundred, a high control the market price becomes a threshold. "We now need to do is to strive to master core technologies continue to lower the production costs of LED lighting to make the product more price competitive market."

Jining energy to do the responsible person that, from the current market, present, most residents of the home lighting is still used in traditional incandescent and energy-saving lamps, LED lamps obviously can not be called the mainstream market, which is mainly limited by its high price. But the future development trend, LED lamp power may be small, but the illumination is very high, but also saving 80% than ordinary light bulbs, long life and more. However, LED light bulbs you want to truly become mainstream, the price must be close to the people, which requires companies will have to improve independent innovation, as soon as possible to master the core technology, lower costs, thereby reducing the price of LED lamps.

This article Source: Qilu Evening News

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